Knowledge Management

  1. Coordinating Driving schools for Quality Assurance and Standards by collecting and managing trainees data from partner licensed driver training institutes under the Umrella Association of Professional Driving Schools in Uganda coordinated at UPDN.
  2. Developed and is hosting a Drivers’ mobile Application database to support collection, archiving and management of drivers’ and stakeholders in Uganda. Currently having data of 268,413 practicing drivers’ training background data
  3. Reached over 80,000 drivers with Behavioral Change Communication materials and information on road safety through our social media campaigns and communication
  4. Supporting employers in performing due diligence for driver job applicants for especially Oil and Gas Companies like CNOOC, TOTAL and other corporate Companies.
  5. Working with 29 companies and interviewed 6,017 applicants with 3,214 refreshed and ushered into formal driver employment
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