Empowered drivers, Safer Roads.

A society free from road accidents and associated effects

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Who We Are

The Uganda Professional Drivers’ Network (UPDN) is an Umbrella NGO for drivers’ Associations/Organizations in Uganda and related stake holders. 

UPDN was established in 2014 and registered as a legal entity with the National NGO Board under the Ministry of Internal Affairs in 2016. 

UPDN is active in advocating for an improvement in the welfare of professional drivers in Uganda, their livelihood and health. These three components are interwoven to build a homely, non-discriminative environment where professional drivers’ needs are wholesomely addressed. 

Vision: A Society free from road accidents and their associated effects


Mission: Professional Driving Industry for Improved Road Safety

Our Programs


Coordinate community based approaches to improved health and wellness of drivers in Uganda through;
Coordinating HIV services demand among truck drivers in Uganda with support from Global Fund for TB/HIV through MARPI-ending December 2020

Road Safety

We have started implementation of World Bank support to Skills Development Facility (PSFU) under a consortium of UPDN, UDSA, Safe Way Right Way aiming at training and certifying for Heavy Goods Vehicle Driver trainers and 150 HGV drivers for anticipated oil and gas sector. 

Driver Welfare

UPDN has mobilized 30 existing driver savings groups and is in process of supporting formation of new ones in every locality of drivers community to promote harmonization of their different saving groups locally, regionally and nationally; with the aim of supporting formation of a National microfinance/Bank for drivers

Strategic Actions

Promote continuing skills building among drivers Overall strategy: (International collaboration)
  • Seek accreditation status with Directorate of Industrial Training (MoES) for certification of informal drivers.
  • Strategically position to offer professional driver testing and accreditation
  • Collaborate establishment of a National Qualification framework for drivers roll out programme for specialized and continuous driver professional development
Increase advocacy on road safety Overall strategy (networking and coalition building) Strategic Actions

Reform on driver training, assessment and grading of permits

  • Standard and Accreditation system for driver/instructor training schools
  • Independent driver competence assessment agency (not police)
  • Driver permit grading to be based on driver specialty training and competence


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Boda Boda is the most popular transport in Uganda besides the motorcyclists and their passengers being top people killed on our Roads!
Remind your Boda guy that 11 people still get killed daily and most roads don't have motorcycle lanes,they can't afford to ride this carelessly

Police tighten process of Driver training;Automated testing, escorted attendance by driving school for testing,prolonged training time are good.However,having Forgiving roads, enforcing laws on helmet use,drunk driving, speed limits,seatbelts/child restraints have proven results

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