Corporate Members

Our Corporate Partners

  1. Q-Sourcing Servtec Uganda
  2. The Ministry of Works and Transport-The Department of Transport Safety and Regulations
  3. The Uganda Police-Road Safety and Traffic Directorate
  4. The Kampala City Council Authority
  5. Safe Way Right Way Uganda
  6. Prestige Driving School
  7. Graben Logistics Academy
  8. Uganda Driving Standards Agency (UDSA)
  9. Association of Driving Schools’ Operators and Instructors in Uganda
  10. State Wide Insurance Company Limited
  11. Uganda Registration Services Bureau (URSB)
  12. National Council for Science and Technology
  13. Apex Loads Uganda
  14. Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS)
  15. The Electoral Commission Uganda
  16. Divine Coaches Limited Uganda
  17. Raising Gabidoh Foundation
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Blood Donation Drive for Road Crash-Victims WDoR2023