Enhancing Driver Due Diligence

We have been actively involved in supporting employers, particularly in the oil and gas industry, such as CNOOC, TOTAL, and other corporate companies, in performing due diligence for driver job applicants. This process is crucial to ensure that individuals applying for driver positions meet the necessary qualifications, possess the required skills, and have a record of safe driving practices.

Our collaboration extends to working with 29 companies in total. As part of our services, we have conducted interviews with a significant number of applicants, specifically 6,017 individuals. Through these interviews, we thoroughly assess their qualifications, driving experience, knowledge of road safety regulations, and overall suitability for the driver positions.

Out of the total applicants interviewed, we have successfully refreshed and guided 3,214 candidates into formal driver employment. This means that these individuals have met the necessary requirements and have been deemed fit for employment as drivers within the respective companies.

By providing support in performing due diligence for driver job applicants, we assist companies in ensuring that they hire competent and responsible drivers. This process helps mitigate risks associated with road accidents, ensures compliance with safety regulations, and promotes a culture of responsible driving within the organizations.

Our collaboration with oil and gas companies and other corporate entities emphasizes the significance of thorough screening and selection processes for driver positions. By employing qualified and responsible drivers, these companies can enhance the overall safety and efficiency of their operations, protect their assets, and contribute to reducing road accidents in the industry.

In summary, we have partnered with 29 companies, including prominent oil and gas companies like CNOOC and TOTAL, to support them in performing due diligence for driver job applicants. Through our interviews and evaluation processes, we have assessed a substantial number of applicants and successfully guided 3,214 candidates into formal driver employment, ensuring that they meet the required qualifications and possess the necessary skills for safe driving.

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