Driving schools’ Quality Assurance and Standards

We are actively involved in coordinating driving schools in Uganda to ensure quality assurance and adherence to standards. This coordination takes place under the Association of Professional Driving Schools in Uganda (APDSU), which is facilitated by the Uganda Professional Drivers Network (UPDN).

As part of our efforts, we have conducted two refresher training sessions for trainers, with the aim of establishing harmonized training and trainers’ standards across member schools. These training sessions focus on updating trainers’ skills, knowledge, and teaching methodologies to ensure consistency and quality in driver education.

The primary objective of coordinating driving schools is to establish and maintain high standards of driver training in Uganda. By bringing together driving schools under the APDSU, we foster collaboration and exchange of best practices among member schools. This collaboration enables driving schools to align their training programs with standardized guidelines and quality assurance measures.

During the refresher training sessions, we emphasize the importance of consistent and standardized training practices across member schools. By updating trainers on the latest techniques, regulations, and instructional methods, we aim to enhance the overall quality of driver training in Uganda.

Through our coordination efforts, we facilitate the sharing of knowledge, resources, and experiences among driving schools. This helps create a more cohesive and effective driving education system, ultimately benefiting learner drivers and promoting road safety.

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