Capacity Building For Road Safety

  1. Capacity Building trainings and engagements for Drivers’ Organizations in implementing road safety activities targeting their members-Currently coordinating 27 Drivers Associations in Uganda
  2. 100 trained peer mentors/educators supporting community led activities in Road Safety.
  3. All the Drivers’ Associations working with UPDN have incorporated Road Safety among their programs and activities including adoption of WhatsApp platforms to regularly engage their members on road safety
  4. Offering Continuous Professional Development (post driver education) training programs for practicing (employed) drivers. Trained 4,319 to date in different professional driver competence modules including soft skills
  5. Supported professional drivers’ capacity building trainings for 38 women drivers in Uganda who have been linked into employment
  6. Conducted 2 refresher training of trainers for harmonized training/trainers’ standards across member schools.
  7. Supported training of 3 Driver trainers, currently deployed in 2 professional driver training schools in Uganda
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