Who to Be Blamed for the Current Public Transport Dilemma? Is It the Drivers?, Our Roads?, Government?

Just for Wednesday and Thursday, our roads killed close to 40 people in tragic crashes of Fortportal and Mbale Roads. May the souls of the departed ones rest in peace and those nursing injuries, quick recovery. We sympathize with the survivors and pray for your quickest recovery.
The double tragedy of crashes which claimed about 30 and 6 lives respectively on consecutive days of Wednesday and Thursday should get us thinking well about what as a country should be doing to change this worrying situation of our public transport.
Globally we are targeting reducing fatal road crashes and deaths by 50% come year 2030. The strategy focuses on safe vehicles, safe road user, multimodal transport and land use planning then improved post-crash response. Where has Uganda reached towards pursuing this direction?
In 2018, The UN Road Safety Performance Review Report indicated that Driver Training is dysfunctional as there is no training school for training driver trainers, no standardized content of driver training across training schools, no certification and accreditation methods for commercial drivers!
We think that as things like roads, better vehicles, having ambulances on all our roads may take time, we would start by rallying behind UPDN to ensure we start the process of accreditation and certification of the professional drivers as this would be easily achieved.
‘If you cannot be disciplined on the roads, then where else can you be as this is a matter of life and death’ – Mr. Omongo Ndugu, Executive Director – Uganda Professional Drivers’ Network (UPDN).
UPDN is an Umbrella Organization for Drivers’ Associations/Organizations and Related Industry Stakeholders.
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