Press Release – National Drivers Conference and Goal Zero Awards 2022

National Drivers' Conference & GOAL ZERO AWARDS 2022 Press Release

Uganda Professional Drivers’ Network (UPDN), The Ministry of Works and Transport and The Private Sector Foundation Uganda (PSFU) among other road transport stakeholders have organized The Annual Professional Drivers’ Conference and Road Transport Excellence Awards 2022, which will take place on Friday 9th December, 2022 in Kampala-Uganda.
11 People get killed on our roads daily, according to the Uganda Police Traffic annual reports and the number keeps on increasing day by day!
The annual Drivers’ Conference (ADC) was established with the sole purpose of recognizing the roles of professional drivers and industry stakeholders in logistics in road safety and costs of operations for companies/organisations’ transport departments in a country like Uganda where over 95% of our goods and passengers move using the road.
The UN Decade of action aims at achieving 50% reduction of road crashes, serious injuries and deaths by the year 2030. However, highly standardized industry stakeholders in especially oil and gas sector, have taken on an ambitious mission towards achieving zero incidence in road transport. As already demonstrated by these players, actually goal zero is possible if all of us commit and work towards it. The organisers have, therefore, decided to pursue the direction towards GOAL ZERO and introduced The GOAL ZERO AWARDS besides the annual conference.
The GOAL ZERO AWARDS; is intended to recognize and honor different Road transport stakeholders In Uganda for their outstanding achievements, practices which have improved road user safety through best practices, technology, road safety initiatives, campaigns and products which have contributed towards achieving global target of GOAL ZERO.
The Awards recognizes excellence by allowing the public to nominate and vote for individuals, companies and institutions of their choice. The process includes conducting statistically a comprehensive, independent, objective and accurate market survey, to determine brand reputation, customer satisfaction, and business excellence towards safety in their service, value, professionalism, and integrity.
It is a true reflection of the marketplace as it represents the opinion of users across Uganda. This award recognizes the individuals and brands that consistently deliver a high level of standardized services and products to their clients; day in and day out.
Each year, the GOAL ZERO Awards will recognize the best individuals and companies/institutions for their efforts in road transport safety and standards and for keeping the users’ best interests in mind.
The Professional Drivers Conference, exciting and competitive award winners’ selection process and the announcement of finalists culminate in the GOAL ZERO Awards, a gala evening that will over 500 industry’s stakeholders to network, toast the winners and celebrate the best companies/institutions and individuals voted by end users. The Minister of Works and Transport and other Ministers and dignitaries shall grace this noble function.
Our mission is to honor companies, institutions and individuals who go that extra mile towards achieving GOAL ZERO.
So, who deserves the GOAL ZERO Award? It’s all down to your votes, so choose wisely! Voting is open now until 20th October 2022 at Midnight. You “The users” Decide!
To help in making your choice, please base your answer on aspects such as history, quality, value, service, consistency, standards, heroism and user preference of the business as well as any other elements you might consider important in making your choice.

How to participate/vote:
Step 1: Click Here to Start Voting,
If you don’t see your favorite company, institution or individual on the ballot, you are free to vote for it by typing the name of your selection.
Cast your vote & join the draw to win a free ticket to the Annual Professional Drivers Conference and Road Transport Stakeholders Awards 2022.
GOAL ZERO Award recipients are chosen by users. Real Votes. Real Winners.
PLEASE NOTE: No one can “buy” a win by advertising, partnering, or working with UPDN, Ministry of Works and Transport, Private Sector Foundation and its various team members! Financial/advertising considerations play no part in the results. Results are completely independent.
Thanks for being part of the Annual Professional Drivers Conference and Road Transport stakeholders Awards 2022 as we endeavor to take the guesswork out of finding reputable individuals, institutions and companies with best practices in the industry.
You can also contact us through:1.UPDN Secretariat; Tel:+256772022059, +256800331122 (Toll free), 2. Judith Karara, Tel:+256701595580,email (Ministry of Works and Transport) 3. Ronny Mulongo,Tel:+256752470214, email: (Private Sector Foundation Uganda)

Omongo Ndugu
(Executive Director – Uganda Professional Drivers Network)



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