The GOAL ZERO AWARDS, is intended to recognize and honor different Road transport stakeholders In Uganda for their outstanding achievements, practices which have improved road user safety through excellent professional practices, and technical application, through safety initiatives, schemes or products that contributed towards achieving global target of Goal zero in a country like Uganda where over 95% of our goods and passengers move by road.

The GOAL ZERO AWARDS will bring under one roof large corporates, SMEs, Government and Public Transport practitioners. The awards is highly professional and transparent as it considers factors such as history of not having fatal crashes for the past 10 years, heroism in road safety initiatives, acts of saving lives of road crash victims, professionalism, product quality, user preference, consistency and cultured discipline in regards to road transport safety in Uganda.

UPDN is coordinating this event in collaboration with sector players as; The Private Sector Foundation of Uganda (PSFU), The Ministry of Works and Transport, Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA), Safe Way Right Way Uganda, The Nicole Foundation Uganda, Hope for Victims of Road Traffic Accidents (HOVITA) and Uganda Road Accident Reduction Network Organisation (URRENO): with committed support from Bloomberg Philanthropies and others like you.

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Nomination, Review and Selection Process

The Zero Awards Nominees were evaluated against six criteria: Heroism, Discipline, innovative approach, product & services excellence, visibility and continuity the nominees are focused on delivering road safety through specific measurable actions in their areas of responsibility. Voting and the final decision to recognize and honor the nominee will be through telematics data and online flatform accessible on our website

Benefits of winning the GOAL ZERO AWARDS;

The GOAL ZERO AWARD winners will receive nationwide recognition for their outstanding contribution to the road safety in their specific measurable actions’ areas of responsibility.  The individual/organization winners’ details will be shared nationally through a press release, as well as on the UPDN website and through social media.  Winners will be presented with their individual/Organization award and receive public recognition at the next Road transport stakeholder Annual Conference. and through social media. 


  1. Professional Driver of the Year (Humanitarian Service, Outstanding Leadership, Passenger Service Vehicle, Goods Transportation, Public Service, VIP Transportation)
  2. Road Safety Champions of the Year
  3. Road Safety Campaign of the Year
  4. Excellent Road Transport Practitioners of the Year
  5. Media House for Road Safety
  6. Gas Station of the Year
  7. Driver Employer with Best Road Safety Practices
  8. Professional Driver Employer
  9. Automotive Spare Dealer
  10. Automotive Dealer Retail & Distributors
  11. Passenger Service Transport Company
  12. Bus Company Of The Year
  13. Goods Transporter Of The Year
  14. Automotive Lubricant Brand Of The Year
  15. Drivers’ Organization Of The Year
  16. CSO Advocating For Road Safety
  17. Post-Crash Response Service Provider
  18. Road Side Rest Stop Centre of the Year
  19. Road Contactor of the Year
  20. Road Project of the Year
  21. Driver Trainer of the Year
  22. Outstanding Development Partner in Road Transport
  23. Digital Transport Innovation
  24. Tour and Travel Transporter of the Year
  25. Road Courier Transporter of the Year
  26. Drivers’ Bank
  27. Road Transport Insurance Company of the Year
  28. Driving School of the Year
  29. Automotive Innovation of the Year
  30. Disease Control Champion Targeting Drivers


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