Drivers’ Drop-In Centres – DICs In Uganda.

Truck drivers have traditionally been known for easy spread of and exposure to HIV infections due to the nature of their job. A truck driver will stay away from their families for months, hardly get time to visit health facilities as they spend most of their day time driving or waiting for load with usually no leaves from work. Truck driving is also a job monopolized by a largely illiterate or semi-illiterate people who graduated from turn men, mechanics and other allied workers to the steering including recorded high level of drug use explaining the documented risks of spread or exposure to HIV infections globally.

In Uganda Truck Drivers, The fishing communities, People with disabilities and others are recognized as Priority populations in regards to The National HIV strategic plan.

Given the above background, Development partners as American Centers for Diseases Control and The Global Fund have continued to support Uganda through their National HIV Prevention, Treatment and Care programs by funding community led intervention programs as The Drop in centre programing.

What are Drop in Centres; These are positive recreational and health care related services delivery points located within target communities for easy access to positive recreational Activities and emergency health care services by targeted communities.

UPDN coordinates a Number of Drop in Centres across the country under different Implementing Partners as MARPI (Most at Risk Populations Initiative), North Star Alliance, Infectious Diseases Control (IDI), TASO and others among them The Nateete Truckers’ Drop in Centre.

Nateete, located in Rubaga; a leading town in Kampala in sex work as a result of being an industrial centre with so many Trucks, parking areas and Trucks drivers.

The Nateete Truckers’ DIC located at The Nateete Taxi/Trailer park offers recreational games as darts, chess, Ludo and others and provides friendly HIV Counselling and Testing services, distributes condoms and HIV self-test kits including lubricants, Psych-social counselling, Pre Exposure Propel axis (Tablets used by those who are HIV negative but regularly exposed to risky sex-live sex to prevent them from getting infections), Post Exposure  Post Exposure Propel axis (Tablets used within 72 hours by those who are HIV negative but had blood contact with suspected HIV Positive persons  to prevent them from getting infections) and other services as family planning, Referral to HIV care and treatment with Established health facilities. You can as well receive STI (Sexually Transmitted Infections) treatment and care services

Support us achieve 95 95 95 goal. HIV no longer kills those who are aware of their status and are enrolled and kept into care. These facilities have full time Nurses and peer Educators. We are complementing Government efforts by coordinating these facilities across the country to see us have zero HIV new infections, have 95% of professional drivers (especially Truck Drivers) know their status, 95% of those HIV positive enrolled into treatment and 95% who are enrolled maintained into care through friendly health care services delivered by peers without discrimination.

Are you a Truck Driver or a Commercial Truck Driver travelling or located in hotspots across major highways in Uganda. Please feel free to visit these facilities for above services at;


  1. Natete DIC, Kampala (Nateete Truckers Wellness Centre)
  2. Namanve-Opposite Coca Cola (North Star Alliance and Haulage Truckers Uganda)
  3. Mbuya-Kinawataka Road, Railways crossing above Spear Motors (Reach out Mbuya)
  4. Iganga (Kyetume Parking facility)
  5. Busia (Amalgamated Transport and GENERAL Workers’ Union)
  6. Lira (AMIICAAL)
  7. Gulu (MARPI)
  8. Kamdini (MARPI)
  9. Elegu Boarder (KLDHTDU)
  10. Kamdini (MARPI)
  11. Migera (MARPI)
  12. Naluwerere
  13. Luuti
  14. Lukaya
  15. Katuna
  16. Pakwach (AMIICAAL)
  17. Kasese (HIMA Cement)

‘If you cannot be disciplined on the roads, then where else can you be as this is a matter of life and death’

– Mr. Omongo Ndugu, Executive Director

Uganda Professional Drivers’ Network (UPDN).



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