Driver Trainer Survey

(Client Information Confidentiality Clause: The organisers and all its assignees (including staff and contracted consultants) commit to observing strict professional ethics regarding use of information you are giving to us. None of these information shall be shared with your competitors, clients, stakeholders and or the general public without seeking prior consent from you or yourself Company/Institution/Organisation). Please provide us with Basic Information about yourself.
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On the next part will be some questions we shall use to build your case for winning, to accompany any other information we shall obtain or have obtained from the Public domain. This is the opportunity to really showcase what is about your business/Institution/Organisation that makes you unique within your industry and why you deserve award winner position for your category for 2022 Road Transport Stakeholders’ Excellence Awards 2022. You may find that not all questions are relative to your business/Institution/Organisation. This is fine, we do not require that you answer all the questions but the more questions you answer the better for us to assess your capacity and capability. There will be an opportunity to provide additional information at the end of the questionnaire for you to provide any other relevant information you may deem necessary for this purpose. Please upload relevant documents as your company/Institution/Organisation profile and or registration documents.
Any other relevant information that you feel relevant but not included among the questions responded to here! Please feel free to share it to Send us any other relevant documentation you feel may be relevant for this purpose, especially to contribute to the final decision of the committee. In case of multiple files, please upload them as a single zipped folder